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Single Implant vs Implant Bridge:
Replacing One or More Missing Teeth 

Graphic depiction of dental bridge placement

You are missing a tooth or teeth and you have decided to have the wonderful doctors at Guaranteed Dental Solutions take care that for you. You understand the placement of the dental implant procedure. It is titanium screw that replaces a tooth root. This section is going to focus on replacing one tooth versus a series of teeth connected together and how you will look in the interim.

The most common dental implant restoration is the single tooth. That seems pretty logical. You lose one tooth, you replace one tooth. Unlike restorations of yesteryear, there is no modification of adjacent teeth to restore this tooth. This restoration stands alone.

The next most common dental implant restoration is the implant bridge. If multiple teeth are missing, two or more implants are connected with a framework. All applicable teeth that are necessary are added to that framework.

In the interim, at Guaranteed Dental Solutions, especially in the anterior, or front teeth, we will put you into a high quality temporary restoration. There are a few reasons for this. First off, you are the patient and we we like you. We want you to be happy. Second, it has been found that this encourages healing. A well formed temporary restoration placed immediately on a dental implant will help the gum tissue to heal nice and pink and healthily around the implant or implants. Finally, by doing this gum tissue grows up to its full size. Otherwise, it remains flat on the jaw bone. This is not esthetically pleasing.

If you like in the Phoenix area, are missing a tooth or teeth, would like it replaced and would like to leave Guaranteed Dental Solutions with a new tooth, call us today to schedule your complimentary evaluation to determine whether a single implant vs. implant bridge would best suit you.

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