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Immediate-Loading Implants Provide Same-Day Restoration

Dental Implant Post Sticking Out of GumsIn certain circumstances, when a dental implant is placed, there will not be enough bone to cover the entire implant around its circumference. When this happens, this leaves a space that is called a “jumping distance” in most cases.

This jumping distance can sometimes just be filled by a bone grafting material and the body will fill the space in wonderfully. At GDS, we choose to take this a step further and use state-of-the-art materials.

We use things such as platelet-rich plasma, or PRP, and platelet-rich fibrin, or PRF. These factors have amazing healing properties and can actually speed the bone healing process. These are especially useful in our larger grafts.

With the use of these materials and adequate implant initial implant stability, you can still have an immediately loaded implant. What is an immediate loading implant? Quite simply put, it is an implant with a temporary crown placed on it the same day as the implant is placed.

This serves many functions. First of all, this gives you, the patient, a better esthetic result right out of the office from day one. Secondly, you will have better healing. It is widely known that the gum tissue responds better if a restoration is placed on the day of implant placement. This restoration will act as a guide for the gums to “grow” toward. Lastly, the bone will respond better. Bone is known to follow gums. If the gums grow better, the bone will grow better.

If this treatment sounds appropriate for you, Phoenix, contact us today for your complimentary implant and bone graft evaluation! You can learn about the recovery period, treatment cost, and more during this appointment.

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