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Restoring Vertical Bone Loss with Advanced Bone Grafting Techniques

Graphic Depiction of a Single Dental Implant in the Jaw

There are many types of bony defects that are necessitated in the dental world. The majority of them are in the horizontal direction, or in how thin your bone is. When your bone is not tall enough, that is where it becomes very difficult. This is where your Guaranteed Dental Solutions doctors can be of great assistance. Using our extensive training, state-of-the-art equipment and years of experience, you will get the results you need and desire.

When a future dental implant site is lacking in height due to vertical bone loss, it must be prepared before the implant can be placed. The first step in this is to evaluate the site for what existing bone is present. At Guaranteed Dental Solutions, we will do this with our in-house Cone Beam Computerized Tomograph, or CBCT. This allows us to see in three-dimensions what bony defects and existing bone you do have present.

After a thorough radiologic examination and treatment plan, your treatment can begin. Most often, the treatment will be a vertical bone graft with a reinforced mesh. This allows a “tenting” of the area while the healing of the graft proceeds.

Over time, the graft material will be overtaken by your own natural bone cells. Your bone has grown into the graft. This takes time. This is why a reinforced membrane is used. A membrane that has some substantivity is necessary.

After the adequate healing time is allowed, the membrane is removed and your dental implant or implants are placed. If you have been told in the past that you cannot have dental implants because your bone is too short, call us today for a complimentary bone and implant evaluation. We would love to have you as an implant and bone graft patient, and part of our dental family, right here at Guaranteed Dental Solutions!

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