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Socket Preservation Can Protect Dense, Healthy Jaw Bone Tissue

Graphic Depicting Restored Dental Implant in the Gum

On some occasions, an extraction and dental implant is treatment planned, but the entire treatment plan is not carried through for one reason or another. This can be for a multitude of reasons. Sometimes, it is finances, sometimes at the time of surgery, adequate implant stability cannot be achieved. For whatever reason, when the entire treatment plan cannot be carried through, there has to be a “plan B”. We at Guaranteed Dental Solutions, always have you covered with a “plan B”.

Whether there is a lack of support for primary stability or you just want to wait for your implant to be placed, if your dental implant does not go in at the time of extraction, bone loss starts to begin immediately. This needs to be prevented. This can be done with a procedure called site preservation, also known as socket preservation. A simple bone graft in the extraction site can be placed to prevent this bony loss.

This prevention of bony loss will prevent a larger bone graft to be needed at the time of implant placement in the future. With this being said, this site preservation does not make you “Superman,” you only have a limited amount of time before you need to have your implant placed. After this site heals and becomes healthy bone, it too, will start to resorb, just like the natural bone that was surrounding the natural tooth that was originally there. It is merely a way to place a hold on time for a while, a brief while.

This may not be your first option in dental implant therapy, but it is a viable option. When treatment planning your custom-fit dental implant treatment plan, you can discuss all of the viable options, such as this, with your Guaranteed Dental Solutions doctor, right here in Phoenix. Contact us today to schedule your complimentary dental implant treatment plan!

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