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Block Grafting Can Improve Patients' Candidacy for Dental Implants

Dr. Ehsan Pourshirazi

There are some circumstances when a patient needs a significant amount of bone width and other treatment modalities just will not do. The mono-cortical block graft, otherwise known as the block graft, is the treatment that fills this void. With other bone grafting procedures nowadays, this is not as often done, but is still a very common procedure.

Your doctors at Guaranteed Dental Solutions are very comfortable and very well trained in doing this procedure if it is necessitated. Let’s take a quick look at the why and how of the block graft. Why would one need a block graft? If a patient’s ridge is just too thin to accept any other treatment, that is the ideal candidate for the block graft. A patient needs a minimum amount of bone to work with for most of the other treatments. This minimum is a reduced amount comparatively with the block graft to the rest of the other treatments.

How is a block graft done? Essentially, a piece of your own bone is donated from one part of your mouth to another that only has one hard side of it (cortex) still attached, thus being called the mono- cortical block graft. Usually, this donated bone comes from either the chin area or around the lower molar area.

After the donor bone is harvested, the site is prepared. The existing cortex, or hard side, of the intact bone is removed. The donated bone is shaped to fit the recipient site. It is then screwed into place with very tiny titanium screws. The hard sharp edges of the graft are smoothed over and the whole graft is then grafted over with graft material. All of this is then closed over with your existing gums.

This is a procedure that is commonly done at Guaranteed Dental Solutions. If you have been told that you cannot have dental implants due to inadequate bone or your bone is too thin, please come see us for your complimentary dental and bone grafting evaluation. We look forward to having you as a patient and a part of our family!

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